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To be the engine that drives the Gospel into the hearts of those in the urban community, while driving a Biblical worldview into their minds.


Z180 Radio is a radio broadcasting company that provides a variety of Christian urban music programs on a weekly basis.  Z180 Radio’s programming formats consists of Holy Hip-Hop, Rhythm & Praise (R&P), interviews and topical discussions.

The aim of every Z180 Radio Broadcast is to elevate our listeners’ awareness and understanding of spiritual matters while providing them with the best selection of urban Christian music available.


Each week Z180 Radio provides new and exclusive interviews with such highly acclaimed, award-winning musical pioneers as Trip Lee, Flame, Sho Baraka, Michelle Bonilla, Tedashi, and R-Swift.  As a result, Z180 Radio consistently provides unparalleled insight into the lives of urban Christian music’s most prominent artists.

Z180 Radio’s apps for both the iPhone and Android markets allow a wide variety of music lovers to listen to Z180 Radio podcasts conveniently, without being tethered to their laptops or home computers.

The Z180 Radio website provides edifying and informative content (such as devotionals and up-to-the moment news). For this reason, Z180 Radio is the simplest and most effective way to reach core members of the growing urban Christian music community.

Z180 Radio is strategically partnered with radio networks across the nation including, Da South, Headz Up FM and Holy Culture Radio, just to name a few.  With the help of these partnerships Z180 Radio reaches several demographic markets, in numerous geographic locations, in many different ways.


Z180 Radio takes you behind the Music:  Z180 Radio is the best source for in-depth full length interviews with the hottest and most influential figures in urban Christian music

Z180 Radio Provides Easy Access To The Info You’ve Been Looking For: Z180 Radio always keeps its audience up on the freshest trends, music, news and current events within the urban Christian music culture

Z180 Radio Is a Catalyst for Spiritual Growth: Z180 Radio provides its audience with sound and unique Biblical study resources, such as authentic devotionals from urban Christian music’s most sought after artists.