Maria K. Osler


Maria Katre Osler ‘aka’ (Maria Katre) was born and raised in Ypsilanti, Michigan which is part of the Metro-Detroit area. She comes from a very musical family.


She was introduced to a wide variety of music at age 4, and from then on it was easy for her to memorize beats, rhythms,  lyrics, songs, harmonies and the artists that sang and wrote them. Her grandmother noticed that she had a gift and she would soon catch others attention. She would often hear she possessed an “Old Soul” with the way she carried herself and her selection of music.


In elementary school, her music teachers noticed she had an unique ear for music at such a young age. She loved anything that  Motown, Jazz, Gospel, and Loved R&B & Classic R&B.  One song that she recalls grabbing her attention first was “Soulful Strut,” by (Young Holt Unlimited). Every time her mother would listen to this on the oldies radio station, she would dance and make up her own lyrics because it is an instrumental piece.


At the age of 8, her third grade teacher noticed that she stood out again from the rest of her class, not only with her musical ear but with acting. She was approached by her teacher to be a lead in a school play because she was very independent for someone her age. Not knowing her gifts at the time, she knew she loved music and playing a game she called (TV Shows) with her friends. In that game they would act out their favorite shows from television. These hidden talents became her strengths through the years.


Katre received two full ride musical scholarship offers for playing the (Tuba) but turned them down to tryout other interests. After attending various colleges including Florida State University and lastly she attended Florida A&M University. In December 2008, she graduated with a B.S degree in Broadcast/Journalism and Minor in Theatre.  During her last semester in the school of Journalism, she wrote, produced, and directed her first documentary entitled ,”In Their Eyes.” This documentary followed the lives of a blind adult and a blind child and how they live their daily lives.

For a long time  Maria Katre, found it fascinating that  those who are blind were  able to do the same things individuals with sight were able to do, but were viewed incapable because of their disabilities. Her goal was to show everyone that just because one has a disability doesn’t mean that they aren’t capable. Ironically, her musically niche became obvious in her documentary with the selection of songs in several scenes. She was paired up with an amazing videographer/editor and her message was successful!

In the summer of 2009, her professor submitted her documentary for competition with the University of Florida and she and her documentary partner won a 1st place Associated Press Award for her documentary.


Some TV/Film that  Maria Katre’s has worked on several productions including: Scrubs, 90210, Hawthorne, Harry’s Law,  My Brother’s Keeper (webseries), The Talk (CBS), and lastly, a HollaBack (a horror film).


Maria Katre currently resides in Los Angeles and is currently working on her music while studying piano. She also has been a print model who has done various of lifestyle print-ad shoots.

She  is currently studying at the well known, Aaron Speiser Acting Studio in Los Angeles.  She takes pride in her talents and firmly believes that.

“If you can imagine it, and you can see it, and you can taste it… success is simply that… An idea..  A passion deep within that no one can take away…And making sure those things you’re really passionate about become a reality is key….” – Maria K. Osler