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A special thank you to ALL of our supporters that have supported our magazine’s vision/mission statement: “Refocused Magazine was created to inspire people to refocus themselves and discover their true purpose in life. Each story is a source of inspiration to empower the reader to regain their focus.”

Individuals or businesses interested in being added to our list of supporters, can email us the following:

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21 ProVideo,
Minnie’s Food Pantry,
Jeff Jones,
MMBF Trust,
Pastor Ray Brown, writer
Tim Johnson, writer
Chloe Hamilton, writer
Erica Taylor, writer
Lezlie Mitchell, writer
Brittney Johnson, writer
Breanne Helaire, writer
Jenifer Denise Young, Radio personality
Brittany Neichele, wardrobe consultant
Diana Hagee & Sandy Farhart, November Issue 2013
Nina Rodriguez, December Issue 2013
Dre Coop aka YungOvaseer, January Issue 2014
DaniRob, February Issue 2014
Steven J. Collins, March Issue 2014
Keedren Boston, April Issue 2014
Mayor Mary M Dennis, May Issue 2014
Laus Deus, June Issue 2014
Justin Stockin & Michele Garcia July Issue 2014
Josh Hurt, August Issue 2014
Malcolm Brown, September Issue 2014
Arthur Stewart, October Issue 2014
Christopher Herring, November Issue 2014
Chef Natalie Yung, December Issue 2014
John Stevens, January Issue 2015
David Roberson, February Issue, 2015
Kajun Kuisine Restaurant,
Diana Gottschalk-Miller R-Tistic Swagga,
Linda Washington, Financial Educational Services
Harriett Smith, Cupcake Diva
Teresa Crump, Tee Cee (Beauty Salon)
Nicole Dunlap, Book Arthur
KNA Management & Events
Chatman’s Chicken
Toni Campbell, Texas T
Joshua House of Worship,