Shanavier McLemore


Shanavier McLemore

Shanavier aspires to live life to the fullest while achieving professional and personal life excellence. With a vision to make every woman feel and look beautiful, the only path McLemore follows is here own. As the Founder and Creative Director of Shanavier McLemore™ and MissSewAndSew™, McLemore is on a mission to empower women by dressing them to look as good as they should feel. Each new garment she creates or styles is an evolution of the last. Her signature style is effortless femininity, sensuality, and undeniable class. She believes that each garment is a celebration of what it means to be a woman, and the freedom that comes with it. Her versatility transcends and is a new, inviting take on luxury clothing that all women can be comfortable in. Elegance for every woman is embodied in each garment Shanavier designs.

Alongside being a business owner with two entrepreneurial businesses, McLemore holds full time employment with an established retailer. As an active seeker of great challenges, it is McLemore’s desire to push herself to the limit in order to find new personal strengths.



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