Customer Reviews

Shemaiah Does The Job!

by M.William(ReviewIndie.com)

I absolutely adore this stuff. This is the kind of music that just makes you feel good! I would highly recommend this album if you’re looking for something to lift your spirits and move your soul! This is the essence of modern instrumental music!!! Shemaiah does the job!

Beyond Unbelievable…

by Jacob Aiden

I.A.L.B.B. is beyond unbelievable. The music styles include deep beats and smooth melodies, with some beautiful synth interludes. Every time you listen to this album you’ll want to hear it more and more… it is almost addictive.

Great Instrumentation & Rhythm!

by P. Burns(ReviewIndie.com)

All songs on I.A.L.B.B. have great instrumentation and rhythm that will hold your attention all the way. I do have to admit, though, that AMBITION and BLUEPRINT standout above the rest of the admirable tracks.



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